MK Kelpie - Low D Whistle

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The mk Kelpie is a great instrument for an introduction to playing Low D Whistle, and connecting with culture, people and place through music. With echoes of its namesake - the mythical water spirit and shapeshifting Kelpie - reach back through time to play a tune as old as the hills or as fresh as the moment. 

There is no moulded plastic involved in the crafting of an mk Kelpie. It is an elegant single-piece all-metal construction which maintains the same mk qualities of design and craft as all mk whistles, and carries the same guarantee. 

Yes, this is an affordable, accessible, robust and portable low whistle but, make no mistake, this is a serious instrument that can tame a dragon in the right hands! 



- Deep, ethereal & haunting, or bright, nimble & buoyant, as you choose to play

- Tapered airway creates a balance of back pressure and air requirement

- No clogging/blocking

- Precisely positioned and cut tone-holes for superb tuning 

- Ergonomic design to ease fingerstretch [more info

- Mouthpiece is turned and cut on precision machines rather than bent or moulded

- Solid "take anywhere" one-piece construction

- Same superb craftsmanship (and guarantee) as on all mk whistles


- Size: 565mm x 25mm Ø diameter  

- Weight: 210g

- Material: Aerospace grade 6000 series anodised aluminium  

- Accessories: Real-wool thick felt sleeve 

- ASIN - B084HG3Q6Z