Customer Feedback

I've played high-end Low whistles for almost a decade and frankly, if forced to choose the best two out of the lot, your MK Low D and Low F would get the nod. And I LOVE my little collection of Lows! Each has it's special flavor… I play Copeland, Burke, Bernard Overton, Chieftain and assorted other Lows, but none have the overall excellence of these MK's. Seriously, my friend, your work has pushed the "high-end" whistle-making envelope! I play as a meditational device. Daily. In many modes. And they all mesh, in my (er, secret) meadow, into what is probably evolving into an interesting "sound." Dream Fusion? Dancing Hemispheres? Ha!

James Marceau

The Low F is my second MK. They both are beautifully made and sound as good as they look. The tone is pure and simply amazing. Pete Connolly of "Finagle," "Highland Way," "Sheela-Na-Gig" and the "Westli' Weavers." 

Steve Connolly, Hesperia, USA 


My green Low F arrived last week and like most people who've bought one of Misha's whistles, I can't put it down. I now pick it up before any other in my collection. This beautiful Low F is without doubt the best whistle I've ever played and I now can't wait to get my hands on the Low D and Low G I've ordered. As well as sounding and playing beautifully it also looks and feels amazing, what a top class whistle. I would recommend Misha's whistles to anyone looking for the best there is and already have. Thanks Misha for providing me with the best whistle I've ever had or played. Jimmy, Tiaraidh an drasda.

Jimmy MacNeil, Inverness, Scotland 


I got one of your whistles; it worked wonders for me. Now my whole village is free of rats and other vermin that spread bad energy. We've even started to use it at weddings and other social gatherings.

Taku, Johannesburg

My Low D MK whistle arrived a few days ago and, like almost everyone else has stated in the feedback forum, I love it! Thank you Misha for producing a truly world class instrument. The fit and finish are second to none and the sound is superbly elegant!

Dennis Leckington, Oregon, USA

I just got a Low F black (woo!) MK whistle!!! I haven't stopped playing it since I got it! I went to a session last night and it played beautifully! Never leave without it! I really like the way it feels, sounds and is loud but also mellow. It is great Misha, and thank you very much!

Tasha Wilson, Ayrshire, Scotland 


My Low D MK whistle just arrived today - I am duly impressed. It's a beautiful instrument and plays like a dream. Good strong clear tone, handles well with all the ornaments, and plays beautifully on slow airs and yet handles the sharp curves of a smoking fast 4×4 reel like a whistle version of good handling sports car. I've played lots of the better known brands of Low whistles and have owned a number of them over the years and I can truly say this is the best Low D I have ever played. I cannot imagine a whistle playing much better than this one. This will get extensive use in my band and any further recording work we do. If you're looking for the best Low whistle you can obtain, get an MK whistle. Fantastic!

Steve Allely, OR, USA 


Playing your Low D – it's red, and plays really nicely. Thanks :)

Donald Lindsay, Glasgow, Scotland


MK is the ultimate whistle experience.

Jan Van Wallenburg, Vlissingen, Netherlands 


Lovely. That's the only way i can describe the whistle. I've just come back from the Celtic Summer School in Australia, and when I loaned the whistle to another player the comment I received back was "I want one". Well done Misha. The whistle performs well and asserts itself in a session but is tender enough the be played in a soft mellow style as a solo instrument. Well done and thanks for the early follow up to my queries after I first bought the whistle.

Kalle Liberts, Australia 


Received my red MK Low D 5 months ago and I am very pleased with this instrument. It is very responsive and sounds excellent in both the lower and upper octave. The sound blends beautifully with that of my fellow band member's uillean pipes. Its weight is very good to me. The design is superb and the finishing is also perfect. Just one minor minus: it is so smooth that sometimes I am afraid it slips out of my hand. Something like a thumb rest might be a useful addition for some people. In summary: a joy to play and a real eye-catcher, both for build and looks, well worth its price.

Marc de Witt, Holland 


I've had samples of almost every Low D whistle come through here and I'm hard-pressed to name one with this same combination of great sound, fabulous appearance and meticulous craftsmanship. This is a killer instrument.

Dale Wisely , California, USA

I'm enjoying playing this Low D more than my **** or *****. It has a great low end. I played it at a wedding last week in a church with fantastic acoustics….had everyone turning heads toward the back of the church…the cherry red color had them looking also.

Jim Schaefer, Harrisburg, USA 


If you play Low whistle then you need to get one of these – a stunning whistle in every respect. Great tone, very responsive – all you could want from a low whistle and more.

Ewan Cameron, Warks, UK 


Received the Low D whistle just over a week ago. I can't get over how nice a player it is, just the right amount of back pressure to be able to really get some dynamics in my playing. Breath requirements allow full phrases to be played in one breath. It has great "headroom" from lowest to highest pressure which assures pitch control, dynamics and full expression. A smooth player with great tone. All I want in a Low whistle. A very drivable whistle. I now play it more than any other whistle in my stable.

Ted Anderson, California, USA 


I'm writing you to – try to – describe how happy I am with your whistle. I received it last Friday. The first impression was very good, it looks even better than I thought – and the photos on your site are quite nice already. Besides looking good, the surface has a very pleasant touch – I like it much more than the non anodised whistles I've seen before. As I started blowing, the impression was also quite good. The first octave is very fat and round, the second is absolutely beautiful, with the right amount of "breathiness" – and without being very demanding in terms of air requirements. The volume equilibrated across the two octaves and the tuning is also very good. Great work, this is a very good instrument indeed – and I'm very happy to have it.

Paulo Galão, Lisbon, Portugal 


Received the whistle two days ago; very well packaged and took only 3 days to arrive out here. From the minute I took it out I just couldn't stop playing it (still playing it now). Apart from it looking really cool, it has an amazing rich sound. It is definitely the most versatile and well crafted whistle I have ever come across. Well done Misha!

Phil J Allardice, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


I could not believe my ears when I got my MK whistle, its tone is so pure and deep and perfect it is louder and clearer and more tonal than my old whistle and I love it. I would and will recommend the MK whistle to anyone who wants a professional damned good looking and easy to play whistle that sounds like it was made in heaven! Roll on the "wee D" I want one…

Mandy Darling, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Hey! I just got a MK whistle for Christmas and I love it. Haven't stopped playing it. It's better looking and sounding than any other Low D I've tried...I think I've tried them all. lol. Cheers, Seán

Seán Gray, Ayrshire, Scotland


Cheers Misha for my new whistle. It's sounding great. All the best.

Fraser Shaw, Islay, Scotland


Hi Misha, I got a whistle from you in January. You may remember I had to rush off in a hurry as my elderly uncle had set fire to his kitchen! Anyway the whistle is great. I am really enjoying playing it and have been playing it at the Saturday afternoon session in Babbity Bowsters. (Some weeks there have been 3 MKs there.) The craftsmanship is excellent and everyone has commented on this. This really is a high quality product that not only looks great but is also really nice to play, with enough back pressure to give good volume and a full sound over 2 octaves.

Jack Bethel, Glasgow

Congrats on your whistles. I bought one a few weeks ago and have barely been able to hang on to it at sessions. I think a few more purchases may be heading your way!!

Andrew Lyons, Edinburgh

I bought one of your whistles yesterday for my boyf for his xmas – He'll now stop begging for one!! Hope the business is going well. Good luck with it,

Eilidh Steel (fiddler from Heeliegoleerie and friend of Andy T and Sofie J), Glasgow