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The stresses and strains of modern life can sometimes lead to a soulless existence. Listening, playing and creating music for many around the world is a tonic, adding colour and vibrancy that connects you to people, your culture, your soul and a way of life.

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Music of the Future!

The new mk Midgie high D whistle is great for adults and children alike! Tuneful, colourful, affordable, humble and fun!

Take music with you anywhere you go.

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The Kelpie: Spirit of Water & Mind

The mythical Kelpie - infamous in Scottish folklore. Enshrined with myth and superstition, the Kelpie is a water spirit that inhabits Scotland’s lochs and rivers as a shape-shifting creature that metamorphoses from human form into a powerful black horse with horns.

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Cultural Explorers

Playing tin whistle has always been about going your own way in life. The instrument of the travelers and vagabonds of this world - the people who go their own way. The black sheep taking their own route through cultures, across mountains, sea and desert....

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