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Stock & Availability:

Products which can be added to the shopping cart are generally in stock and available for order. This information is updated daily and will be much more current than anything you may have read on other websites/forums (which may be months or years out-of-date). Please note that for anything marked as 'out of stock' it is possible to sign up for email notification of when that item will be back in stock on the product details page for that item.

If we are out of stock of a particular whistle then we will generally have it back in stock within the following time-frame. Please note these can be considered as a guide to maximum waiting times (because the item may have been out of stock for some time prior to you trying to order). The best way to be notified when whistles are ready is to sign up to the 'in stock' email notification.       

    • Key D - 3 weeks
    • Key F - 4 weeks
    • Key G - 7 weeks
    • Key A - 9 weeks

Shipping Costs & Times:

Information on this page.

Returns for repair/refund:

Please get it touch with us prior to returning instruments for repair or refund. The more information you can provide the better - if possible/relevant, include photos.     

For Enquiries Relating an Existing Order: 

You may wish to take a look at these Ordering & Delivery Frequently Asked Questions 


Further questions?  

If your query isn't dealt with above please do get in touch at one of the email addresses below:


For enquiries relating to an Order / Shipping: 

orders@mkwhistles.com  - [If enquiring about an order please use the name associated with the order to help us track it] 


For General Enquiries, Stock Updates & Technical Information:



For Enquiries in languages other than English please also email:




***PLEASE NOTE:  If returning packages from outside the E.U. for repair or refund, please mark the package as 'returned goods' on the customs label. If not the package may be held up at customs and returned to you. 

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