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MK Kelpie - Low D Whistle

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mk Kelpie Low Whistles.

For many millions of people, music captures the essential spirit of life. Modern living so often leaves us residing in a thin surface layer, masking a depth and beauty of experience, as we pursue disposable goals the world presses upon us. In music, all of that can fall away in a moment by reaching through the surface to all the incredible things beyond - culture, creativity, celebration, connection to places and people - all the things that bring us closer to who we really are and the happiness that brings.

Connect to your Culture

Play music from a time or place which means something to you. In some parts of the world they believe when you play music it is your ancestors speaking through you. Connect to your roots and  culture - in today's modern world our sense of identity is more valuable than ever. 

Simple, Humble, yet Rewarding.

An mk Kelpie Low whistle is an simple, humble and robust musical instrument. It is also affordable and portable! Although it is a capable musical instrument which takes years to master, its simplicity means it is soon very rewarding and fun play.      

Get Motivated to Play, with a Great Instrument. 

Countless studies show the health benefits of playing a musical instrument regularly - with improving focus, discipline, cognitive function and brain plasticity, as well as reducing anxiety and social development. A musical instrument is an investment in health and happiness, and a great musical instrument allows us to improve knowing there's nothing holding us back.

Customer Comments

"It`s ancient, it`s modern, so it`s timeless. 

Daniel K. Germany

"So easy to play, and they sound incredible.

Anon. USA

"It's a beautiful instrument and plays like a dream. Good strong clear tone, handles well with all the ornaments, and plays beautifully on slow airs and yet handles the sharp curves of a smoking fast reel

Steve A. USA

"Très beau Whistle!!!!

Laurent, France

"I've played and owned mid-range and lower-range low D whistles, but on fast passages and smoothness of transition between octaves, and the MK is a dream.


"I've had samples of almost every Low D whistle come through here and I'm hard-pressed to name one with this same combination of great sound, fabulous appearance and meticulous craftsmanship. This is a killer instrument.

Dale Wisley, USA