mk Team

MK's founder, Misha started making whistles as a teenager and has not stopped since!   Self-taught, he is often to be found in the workshop making a mess while trying one thing or another.   In craft & design and creativity generally, he is a great believer rolling the sleeves up, getting stuck into something, and concocting success from a million failures.  Others might say 'if there is an awkward way to do something - he will find it! ' 

Misha has also been known to explore the lesser well known parts of the world - by foot, ski, kayak, crampon or camel amongst other things.   

Ewen arrived in the mk workshops as a work experience student while at school and nearly ten years later he's still here!  Taking a time out to study maths before favoring a more hands-on approach,  anyone who questions the work-ethic of young people these days should meet this hard charging mathematician.  Ewen can often be seen simultaneously operating several machines, calculating stock figures, making process improvements and making tea and coffee for everyone in the workshop!  

Ewen is also a skilled music producer and records with the band Lapwyng.

Helena joined the mk team in 2020. She trained as a ceramicist and worked previously as a stage tech and pyrotechnician. She realised while reconditioning fireworks and stage pyrotechnics that she really likes the workshop environment and practical work with her hands. Helena has an incredible eye for detail which she has honed working on her own creative projects with fabric.

Helena also loves exploring Scotland - particularly lochs and brochs - and she is also Chief Namer for the machines in the workshop, most of which are named after Sesame Street characters.
 Ronnie is the longest serving member of the mk team. He trained as a turner & fitter, and worked in the Glasgow shipyards. He has a story or two to tell about how things were back then, in a golden age of engineering, when many of the world's ships were made on the River Clyde. ⁠

Ronnie went on to join the Merchant Navy and worked all over the world, eventually settling for a few years in Oman, where he specialised in quality control. He's a great advocate for doing things properly - you can even tell which jars in the workshop have had the lids screwed on by Ronnie. He's a fantastic team player, a great inspiration to work alongside, and has a steadying hand on the younger hot-heads with wild ideas! ...although he's not short of an idea or two himself! Computers are Ronnie's nemisis.

Ian joined the mk team in 2023.  He had previously served with precision diemakers Paul Glynn.  Ian is incredibly practical, with a wide breadth of crafting and manufacturing experience, and is one of the few people left who will always reach for a hand tool, before a power tool !  


Ian also enjoys landscape photography and has recently converted his van to a campervan.