Low Whistle Cleaning Kit

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A low whistle cleaning kit specially designed for cleaning and maintaining low whistles. It features several innovative solutions to get into the hard-to-reach places which are often actually the most important to keeping whistles playing well.



Contents of mk cleaning and maintenance kit.

- Felt pull-throughs

- Cotton buds

- mk Tuning slide grease

- mk Wistol cleaning & sterilising solution

- mk modular cleaning mop

The mk modular cleaning mop is compact for stowing, but can be extended for cleaning non-tuneable whistles.  It's body is precision turned metal and should last many years. The head is removable for cleaning or replacing.

mk's Wistol is a sterilising and cleaning solution for whistles and wind instruments.  It cleans and sterilises without adversely affecting the instrument itself.     

The felt pull throughs are wedge shaped strips of felt that can be passed through the airway fr cleaning. They are best used after playing for a little while and are cleanable or disposable.