Shipping Service Updates

Suspended tracking on economy international mail from the UK

Since Nov 2022, a series of postal workers strikes in the UK postal service and a cyber attack on the Royal Mail's IT systems has created long delays and resulted in limited or no tracking on international mail from the UK. Packages are making it through but often with long delays and with inaccurate tracking information which may state that the 'tracking is not available for this service' or that the package is waiting to be collected.  If you have been affected by these delays we sincerely apologise on the behalf of the postal services.  


Suspended Economy Postage Services

We have temporarily suspended our economy shipping services due to delays in the UK postal system.  In order so that we can offer the best possible service to our customers, we are currently offering Express services only.     We realise this may momentarily contradict some information on our website, but the situation with postal services has been constantly changing and we have been reacting to find the best possible way of posting packages to you at any given time, wherever you are in world.   The postage rates offered to you at the checkout are the most up-to-date options given everything that is going on for the services that are the most reliable way of getting your package to you at any given time.



Increased pressure on all postal networks

In recent times, pressures have been mounting on delivery networks and shipping carriers.  Covid, Brexit, labour shortages and  rising prices have all played a part in making delivery more challenging.