International Shipping Quick Guide

We post packages all over the world every day.  Whistles travel well and are light and can be posted affordably :-)  

All our shipping is insured - we have never not delivered a package!  

// Shipping times

Although typical delivery times are less than this, please allow the following for delivery: 

UK - 3 days
Europe - 2-11 days
Rest of World - 10-24 days

//  Shipping Rates 

Typical postage rates (actual shipping rates are calculated at checkout and depend on package weight and current exchange rates):

UK - Free Shipping
Europe - €15.50***
Rest of World - $23.50***

***orders over £400 (approx $570 / €470) will have free insured worldwide shipping to wherever in the world you are 

// Tax and Customs Charges

Our shopping cart will calculate shipping and tax for you. 
UK Customers
Sales Tax (or VAT) is applicable to our UK customers. 
EU Customers
Customers in the EU will not pay VAT like our UK customers but may be subject to a customs charge on orders over €150.  This customs charge is usually about the same as the VAT that UK customers pay and is administered when the package enters your country.
'Rest of World' customers 
Customers in the rest of the world will not pay sales tax but may be subject to a customs charge*.  In cases where this is applicable customs charge is usually about the same as the sales tax UK customers pay.
*In USA and Canada orders under $400 will generally have no customs charge.