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Connect to your culture & let your ancestors speak through you with the ethereal tone of an mk whistle. 

For many millions of people, music captures the essential spirit of life. Modern living so often leaves us residing in a thin surface layer, masking a depth and beauty of experience, as we pursue disposable goals the world presses upon us. In music all that can fall away in a moment, by reaching through the surface to all the incredible things beyond - culture, creativity, celebration, connection to places and people - all the things that bring us closer to who we really are and the happiness that brings.

The Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.  Photo: Dougie Cunningam Leading lines.

In the modern world it's easy to lose your roots, and become like a tree blown over in the wind. For many playing music is what connects you to your roots, giving you a sense of place and belonging, an appreciation of where you came from, to keep the tree from blowing over when the wind starts blowing!

You can play a tune as fresh as the moment or as old as the hills, carried through generations and weathered by time. 

W ith the mk Kelpie whistle, you can find your voice and create breathtakingly ethereal sounds that connect to, your culture, your family and your ancestors in an outer and inner  journey of self discovery.  Just as mountains, lakes and seas forever evolve over time by natural elements, the sound of the mk Kelpie whistle can span generations to create a spiritual legacy for you, your friends and family.

Where history & myth meet the present.

The mythical Kelpie - infamous in Scottish folklore. Enshrined with myth, superstition, the Kelpie water spirit inhabits Scotland’s lochs and rivers as a shape-shifting creature that metamorphoses from human form into a powerful black horse with horns, dragging its victims into the watery depths. Many burns (rivers) and lochs (lakes) in Scotland are embedded with a Kelpie story, perhaps the most infamous of them immortalised in the children’s book ‘The Kelpie’s Pearls’ which is set in a burn by the banks of Loch Ness just a few hundred yards from the first mk workshop where the first mk whistle was designed and made .  

Learning to play!

We are currently collecting ideas for tunes and songs to include in a new book to learn the whistle:-

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mk Kelpie

.- One of the most easily accessible and rewarding musical instruments to learn
- Deep and ethereal tone
- A simple, humble yet extremely capable musical instrument
- Fun and affordable
- A high quality instrument expertly crafted in the mk workshops in Scotland.   


 Make Music! 

 - connect to your culture
- make friends through music 
- develop focus, discipline and skill 
- harness your creativity and imagination
- the beauty of soulful expression


A single piece non-tunable whistle made from Aluminium and Anodised black
- Economical and robust design, the curved and tapered airway offers back pressure without any clogging up
- Precisely cut and positioned tone-holes are easy to tune and reach
- Mouthpiece is turned on precision lathes rather than bent or shaped
- Thick wool felt bag adds protection and easy portability. 

Freedom, Expression, Authenticity.

The beauty is how playing whistle has remained free from rules - technique has not been 'formalised' like on some musical instruments and there aren't any associations or governing bodies deciding how things should be done 'properly'. This is perhaps why in many places it is one of the strongest bearers of authentic local culture. 

Three models of mk whistles.

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