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First launched nearly 20 years ago, the mk Pro Low whistle is now a favourite with musicians all over the globe. A world-class, high quality performance for tone and playability, combined with excellent design, mk whistles are made with superb craftsmanship by a dedicated team in our workshops in Glasgow, Scotland. Outstanding design features offer a superb combination of tone, timbre, back pressure, air requirement, tuning and ergonomics without any blocking. So you can create timeless music that captures and captivates the wandering spirit.

The stresses and strains of modern life can sometimes lead to a soulless existence. Listening, playing and creating music for many around the world is a tonic, adding colour and vibrancy that connects you to people, your culture, your soul and your way of life.


A musical instrument is an object of magic. It has another dimension which you can access, transcending time and place, and allowing the imagination to run free. It can be an instrument of solitude, or of togetherness, healing, meditation, celebration, expression, and of connection.


The mk Pro Low whistle is an instrument to transport you into a magical altered state of heightened creative connectivity and free-flowing expression. Its creation is a product of a craft combining art, science and engineering, but it lives its life in a place where your desires and imagination meet. It is humble, elegant, capable, timeless and limitless - your very own boat to float on the universe's vibrations.



- Leave behind the stresses of modern life

- Connect to your culture through music

- Lead a more soulful life

- Reach out to make connections with people, musicians, music teachers, friends, neighbours, family

- Create a soundtrack to your life

- A musical instrument - a friend for life through thick and thin

- Improve your focus

- Connect meditationally with sound



Ergonomic design for hand grip / finger stretch

Aluminium two-piece whistle allows fine-tuning

Seize resistant tuning slide maintainable with tuning slide grease to increase longevity

Tone-holes positioned for optimal tuning and intonation

Anodised aluminium protects the metal and creates a sealed barrier between player

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