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Harness your creativity and let your imagination run wild with an mk Pro Low Whistle. It is humble, elegant, capable, timeless and limitless. It can be an instrument of togetherness, connection, expression & celebration, or of solitude, meditation & healing. Turn your breath into sound and play a deep rooted Gaelic air, a pop ballad, a 2/4 pipe march, a church Hymn, a Vedic chant, a Christmas Carol, a funk riff or a soaring improvisation - it's up to you. 

The mk Pro is the original mk whistle which has since become a firm favourite with musicians around the world. It's development is an evolution which started in a workshop in Abriachan, overlooking Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.  

Like all great instruments, it is the mk Pro's sound which sets it apart. The chances are you are here because you saw a YouTube review or you tried a friend's mk Pro and it jumped out, but do not fear if you haven't - make use of our satisfaction guarantee and try one in the comfort of your own home wherever in the world you are. 



- All metal construction for quality, durability and elegance.
- Refined, slimline mouthpiece and tuning slide.
- Expertly crafted using precision machines and hand-tools rather than cast or bent into shape, allowing for excellent consistency from whistle to whistle.
- Tapered airway for best balance of air requirement and back pressure.
- Tuneable two-piece construction for fine-tuning due to temperature changes or to tune to other instruments.
- Colour anodised finish for longevity and outstanding appearance.
- Can be disassembled for stowing. 
- Sprung, slimline and seize resistant [new from 2018] tuning slide made from brass rather than plastic tube or tape which dampens resonance. 
- No clogging or blocking!
- Precisely positioned and cut tone-holes for optimal tuning and intonation.
- Comes with thick wool-felt sleeve.



- Dimensions  
Assembled: 565mm x 25mm diameter
Headpiece: 201mm 
Body: 365mm
 - Weight: 240g