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Learning & playing music it's nice to progress and know you are playing a musical instrument which isn't holding you back.  With some musical instruments you need to spend a lot of money for that high quality instrument.  With whistles, we are lucky, - a world-class whistle will not cost the same as a world-class violin for example, and yet they might share the same stage or film soundtrack.    

Health & Happiness

In today’s modern world, maintaining our health is perhaps more important than ever. Engaging in the creation of music combines all of the things which have become scarce supply - aiding focus, discipline, interaction with people, and teaching tolerance of failure as a means to mastery. It has also been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and increase a sense of belonging.  Of course it has huge benefits for our mental health, but on a simple level, it allows us to live the kind of soulful and fulfilling life we want to lead.  

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Buying musical instruments online?

It used to be that if you bought a musical instrument online you would have no opportunity to try it, and then no opportunity to return it if you didn't like it.  It was a lottery   ...and you couldn't be sure what you would get.

But we have many happy customers all over the world, some of whom own and cherish every model and every key of mk whistle, and all of whom ordered online.   We managed this by focusing on not just high quality - in terms of sound, play-ability, durability and aesthetics - but maintaining that quality consistently - something which can only be achieved by true mastery of our craft.  People keep ordering, and are excited to receive an mk whistle through their front door, where-ever in the world they are, because they are confident what comes to them will be brilliant.     

Try & Buy in Confidence!  

We understand you really need to try an instrument - a great whistle has to be felt and not just heard; how does it blow, how does it respond?  And sometimes finding exactly the right one can be a journey. 

This is why we offer a trial period.  You can try an mk whistle in the comfort of your own home - your kitchen or in whichever space you are used to the acoustics, and you have 21 days, from the date you receive it, to return it.  If you use an approved shipping partner will pay return postage and refund you the whole amount in you decide to return it!  So trying an mk whistle will cost you nothing!  You should probably know we don't get many back though!