So you can concentrate on music, not the instrument  

Learning & playing music it's nice to progress and know you are playing a msical instrument which isn't holding you back.  With some musical instruments you need to spend a lot of money for that high quality instrument.  With whistles, we are lucky, - a world-class whistle will not cost the same as a world-class violin for example, and yet they might share the same stage or film soundtrack.         


A Labour of Love

For several decades we have been pioneering the craft & design processes involved in making whistles. It's a gradual and at times pain-staking process, making improvement's, sometimes absolutely tiny, to bring you the best possible instrument to make music with - so you can enjoy one of the great things in life.  And this is the beauty of making instruments - a whistle itself is like any ordinary object, until it is in your hands.  It is a collaboration, a symbiosis, between maker, musician and an expression of life itself.  It is like a maker like the maker gives the musician a seed of a plant, which can be grown with watering, and in time the plant will bear fruit (music) which can be picked and enjoyed by anyone.       

You don't have to believe us though - of course you can read our reviews here but by-all-means do your own search on youtube, google, forums or where-ever, to see what people are saying about mk whistles. In fact you may well be here because you saw a review, got a recommendation from a friend, or heard someone play an mk. 

Buying musical instruments online?

It used to be that if you bought a musical instrument online you would have no opportunity to try it, and then no opportunity to return it if you didn't like it.  It was a lottery   ...and you couldn't be sure what you would get.

But we have many happy customers all over the world, some of whom own and cherish every model and every key of mk whistle!   We managed this by focusing on not just high quality - in terms of sound, play-ability, durability and aesthetics - but maintaining that quality consistently - somethign which can only be achieved by true mastery of our craft.  People keep ordering, and are excited to receive an mk whistle through their front door, where-ever in the world they are, because they are confident what comes to them will be brilliant.     

Try & Buy in Confidence!  

We understand you really need to try an instrument - a great whistle has to be felt and not just heard.  How does it blow, how does it respond?  And sometimes finding exactly the right one can be a journey. 

This is why we offer a trial period.  You can try an mk whistle in the comfort of your own home - your kitchen or wherever you are used to playing and you have 21 days, from the date you receive, it to return it.  If you use an approved shipping partner will pay return postage and refund you the whole amount in you decide to return it!  So trying an mk whistle will have cost you nothing!  You should probably know we don't get many back though!