Leave formality behind for the limitless world where music meets landscape.  An mk low whistle is a musical instrument of the sea, of mountain and glen.  To explore the depths of the ocean or hill tops, among the clouds.   

For many millions of people, music captures the essential spirit and depth of life. Modern living so often leaves us residing in a thin surface layer, masking a depth and beauty of experience, as we pursue disposable goals the world presses upon us. In music all that can fall away in a moment, by reaching through the surface to all the incredible things beyond - culture, creativity, celebration, and the peoples & places we feel deeply moved by, stirring something deep in our soul.  

Freedom, Expression, Authenticity.

The beauty is how playing whistle has remained free from rules - technique has not been 'formalised' like on some musical instruments and there aren't any associations or governing bodies deciding how things should be done 'properly'. This is perhaps why in many places it is one of the strongest bearers of authentic local culture, and it tied so deeply to people and landscape.      
You can play a tune as fresh as the moment or as old as the hills, carried through generations and weathered by time. 

An mk whistle is bold re-imagination of the beautifully simple and humble musical instrument - the tin whistle. A great musical instrument is an object of magic - it has another dimension which you can access, transcending time and place, and allowing the imagination to run free. It can be an instrument of solitude, or of togetherness, healing, meditation, celebration, expression, and of connection.  

Health & Happiness

In today’s hectic world there might be no finer way to unwind and give your mind a break than to pick up an instrument and play some music. Countless scientific studies have shown the benefits that start from the moment you begin learning. It has been proven to relive stress, reduce anxiety, improve focus and cognitive function including brain plasticity. Most importantly, however, it’s fun!  


Simple, Humble, yet rewarding. 

The whistle is a simple, humble, robust and portable musical instrument - take it anywhere! Although it is a capable musical instrument which takes years to master, many people can play their first tune after one practice session. .  

Why spend time playing an mk whistle?

 - connect to your culture
- make friends through music
 - develop focus, discipline & skill
 - harness your creativity and imagination
- the beauty of soulful expression  

Three models of mk whistles.

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