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MK Pro - Low F Whistle

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First launched in 2003, the MK Pro has become a firm favourite with musicians around the world. Its tone, playability and appearance have set it apart from the crowd. Avoiding corner-cutting processes like moulding, casting or pressing, it's just down to superb craftsmanship and a design which offers the best possible combination of characteristics: tone, timbre, back pressure, air requirement, tuning, ergonomics, reliability (no blocking) and general feel. We offer a full guarantee but very rarely if ever get a whistle returned.
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An aluminium two-piece whistle which is tunable to allow for fine-tuning due to temperature changes or to tune to other instruments. The instrument can also be separated to be stowed in a bag or case. The tuning slide is made of metal (brass) like other high quality woodwinds (saxophone, flute etc) rather than cheaper plastic, pvc or rubber which dampens the resonance of the instrument. Models from 2016 onwards feature a seize resistant tuning slide, which if maintained with tuning slide grease will work for many years. The toneholes are positioned for optimal tuning & intonation and the mouthpieces are cut on swiss precision lathes, rather than cast or bent into shape, allowing for excellent consistency from whistle to whistle. The aluminium is anodised to both protect the aluminium an create a sealed barrier between the bare aluminium and the player.
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  • Embout fuselé pour un souffle et une vibration optimals
  • Bec courbé pour éviter le blocage
  • • Coulisse d’accord en cuivre confortable
  • • Rebords autour de la fenêtre offrant un son dense et puissant
  • Perce minutieuse et ergonomique des  trous pour une sonorité précise et juste
  • Position ergonomique des orifices
  • Finition anodisée pour une plus grande durabilité
  • Instruments testés individuellement
  • Livré dans un étui en tissu
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