MK Kelpie - Low D Whistle

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One of the best value high quality musical instruments available. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn some of your favourite tunes, a traveller looking to play some music as you go, or a session musician looking for second instrument that'll always survive a wild pub session (even if you don't) then look no further.It's the same fantastic craftsmanship, with playability that's balanced to make the instrument as accessible as possible. At this price it sets a new high water mark, and of course it comes with the MK Guarantee.
Free your mind, and your soul, with the spirit and sound of the mk Kelpie whistle. Discover the beautiful wilderness of your being and create a musical journey for your soul.For many millions of people, music captures the essential spirit of life. Modern living so often leaves us residing in a thin surface layer, masking a depth and beauty of experience, as we pursue disposable goals the world presses upon us. In music all that can fall away in a moment, by reaching through the surface to all the incredible things beyond - culture, creativity, celebration, connection to places and people - all the things that bring us closer to who we really are and the happiness that brings.The mythical Kelpie, a Celtic legend - infamous in Scottish folklore. Enshrined with myth, superstition and magic, the Kelpie water spirit inhabits Scotland’s lochs and burns (small rivers) as a shape-shifting creature that metamorphoses from human form into a powerful black horse with horns, dragging its victims into the watery depths. Many burns (rivers) and lochs (lakes) in Scotland are embedded with a Kelpie story, perhaps the most infamous of them immortalised in the children’s book ‘The Kelpie’s Pearls’ which is set in a burn by the banks of Loch Ness just a few hundred yards from the first mk workshop where the first mk whistle was designed and made .With the mk Kelpie whistle, you can find your voice and create breathtakingly ethereal sounds that connect you way beyond your culture. Just as mountains, lakes and seas forever evolve over time by natural elements, the sound of the mk Kelpie whistle spans generations to create a spiritual legacy for you, your friends and family.
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