I'm concerned I might not be able to make my fingers stretch to play the Low D whistle.

In the several decades we've been making them, we have had very few Low D's returned because of hole spacing.

It's a question that more often comes up for women who suspect smaller hands might affect covering the tone holes, which is understandable. Women tend to be more supple than men however, and we don't actually see any correlation along gender lines. It could also be multiple things combined - for example, old hands with arthritis can cause some issues. Generally though, this is not often a problem.

That said, you should not expect to just be able to play it effortlessly immediately - there is some practice and play-in time required to stretch out the hands, and there can be a little pain initially while hands adjust. It's nothing like learning to do the splits or putting your foot behind your head, but this gives the correct idea - that stretching out happens when you stretch.

Generally, be prepared to put in a little practice and, unless you are very unlucky, you should be fine. If you were to have issues then make use of our returns policy.

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