To our EU customers…

As in times gone by, we will not let temporary political situations affect long-practised cultural and social collaboration and exchange.   As ever, we are committed to offering our customers in Europe an excellent service.   With this in mind, we thought we’d take this chance to explain pricing changes for our EU customers.

When the UK was in the EU, we had to charge VAT to all our customers in the EU (including Britain).   The VAT was passed on to the UK government, then distributed to the EU accordingly.   Since leaving the EU, EU customers no longer pay VAT when purchasing from us.  This means that someone in the EU ordering a whistle from us will pay 20% less than someone ordering from the UK at the point of ordering.   Instead of VAT, any taxes/customs charges will be due when your package enters your country.   Some packages may have no charges applied  -usually applicable for packages under €150] -, but if they do, the customs charges are likely to be roughly equivalent to VAT charges paid previously.   We certainly understand that having to make a second payment for a customs charge can be an inconvenience, but we hope you see it in perspective compared to getting a great instrument and the long life it will have with you.

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