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A busy workbench !

a busy workbench for making Mk Whistles by Misha Somerville

Mk Low Whistles

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mk low whistles

Zac Leger’s Video Reviews of the Mk Low D Whistles

Mk Pro and Kelpie Low D whistles

Check out Zac Leger’s review of the MK Pro & Kelpie Low D whistles. I’ve been in touch backwards and forwards with Zac collecting his thoughts on new models. It’s always good to get second opinions from folk as talented as Zac. Check out http://www.youtube.com/legertymusic for more videos from Zac.

Some feedback on the MK Pro Low D


I wanted to spend some time with this whistle before I wrote to you. I have had it for nearly a week, I think. This is the finest low D whistle I have ever played – it is everything I tried to describe to you, and I cannot thank you enough for it. I really don’t know what else to say…

 Regards, Erik

Mk Pro Low Fs in Stock for the First Time

At one time the waiting list was 3 years, but for the first time since starting out over ten years ago, we actually have some Pro Fs in stock.  It is only a small number though, so it might not be for long!

Certainly one continuing frustration here has been having to tell people it’ll be six or twelve months or even several years till we’ll have their instrument ready for them.  The standard response is ‘but I have a gig in xxx, what shall I do?’.  Certainly recent troubles with anodising (a fire at the anodisers) hasn’t helped matters,  and some people are still currently waiting for Green and Red Fs, but they wont be long, and I hope we are finally getting on top of things.



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