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Mk Story – If a shower curtain rod could make them cry…?

Dear Mk music,

This past week I was invited to Thailand to be a part of multi-cultural band that would provide music at the international meetings of a Christian charity organization.  Although the band was mostly modern instruments, I was invited to provide a more ethnic “color” using various whistles, flutes and other instruments I have learned as a result of working with folk musicians in places ranging from Wales to Kyrgyzstan.

Well, I had been playing a Central Asian Low A Chogoino flute (from Kyrgyzstan) and afterward a guy came up to me with a low D whistle he had made from a shower rod.  He said, “I bet you could play this one too!”  Although I have played high whistles I had never played a low whistle, but the rest of the week I did use his shower-rod low D flute.  On one particular day I was playing it and a lady came up to me and said, “Wow, when you were playing, I started to cry it was so beautiful.”  Honestly, I had been moved myself at the sound of the instrument even though I wasn’t able to use the second octave due to intonation problems.

I gave back the flute at the end of the week but now I am hoping to get a Low D instrument of my own (but perhaps not a shower-curtain model).  As I have been researching on the internet I have found that you all have the reputation of being one of the best in the world, so now I am haunted by the question, “If a shower curtain rod could make people cry, what would an MK flute?”  I would love a chance to write another story for you!

Von Newcomb

ps- An example of the Chogoino flute can be heard on the song “The King Comes on the White Stallion” on www.myspace.com/vonnewcomb

MK Whistle Story

On recieving my original MK whistle, the pipe band was asked to perform at a Tattoo in South Korea, so as with any gig that i’m piping at, the MK Low D came with me. Performing the festival tune on a Low D with a load of Korean Musicians was brilliant. Shame it never ended up in the show.



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