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  1. 03.18.2014

    Back to the Chromatic, or something new?

  2. Mark Woolley

    Hi Mish

    Are those prototypes for the high D whistle you keep promising me….{;o)

    Still waiting. My low D is used exclusively for gigs now. (Mark Radcliffe and Foes, Full House)

    With the new Mark Radcliffe Pirate Band Galleon Blast, which we will be doing more of in 2015 I am using more high whistles than low. As soon as I see you have one ready, I am in. Of course if you would like someone to road test a prototype, I would be happy to do that.


  3. Scott

    Are there any high D whistles being prototyped?

  4. 08.05.2015

    Yes! slowly but surely coming along Scott. Misha

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