MK Low D Whistle

The Mk Low D Whistle has become arguably the most highly regarded Low D whistle in the world.   It’s reputation for tone and playability, built on superb craftsmanship has earned it a loyal following of satisfied customers.   Time and time again customers get back in touch after recieving their MK Low D to say they just can’t stop playing it!

It was in fact designed in a shed overlooking the infamous Loch Ness.  As work on it’s design took place by working through the night, the very first MK low Ds didn’t work during the day at all.  Fortunately that problem’s been sorted out, and the Mk Low D has gone from strength to strength, and developed a enviable reputation for tone and playability built on superb craftsmanship.

Low D Whistle Key Info:

// At home in: D, Bm, G, Em, Am (& A modal)

// At a push: C, A

I’ve had samples of almost every Low D whistle come through here and I’m hard-pressed to name one with this same combination of great sound, fabulous appearance, and meticulous craftsmanship. This is a killer instrument.

Dale Wisely, Chiff and fipple

From the minute I took it out I just couldn’t stop playing it(still playing it now). Apart from it looking really cool, it has an amazing rich sound. It is definitely the most versatile and well crafted whistle I have ever come across.

Phil J Allardice, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I have driven myself mad getting these perfect. You had better like them!

Misha Somerville

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  1. William Harris

    I have a lot of questions.I’m an ESL teacher currently living in Costa Rica.How much does the MK 2 whistle cost?Is this whistle in low D versatile or is it limited in what it can play?

  2. 05.22.2020

    Hi William, If you still have questions perhaps email us – [email protected]. Misha

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