// Design
Why are mk whistles made out of aluminium?

A whistle’s tone is primarily affected by the shape of the instrument. Aluminium is one of the easiest materials to shape accurately – it’s relatively rigid and soft i.e. it cuts well.

Why are mk whistles anodised?

Anodising toughens the surface of aluminium. It basically means your instrument is going to last much longer. Aluminium which has not been anodised will oxidise (particularly if it is going from wet to dry as with the inside bore of a whistle) and corrode away until eventually there’s none of it left (a bit like a vampire that gets exposed to sunlight).

Can I get any colours apart from Red, Green and Black?

We do occasionally do other colours by special order. If there is a colour you are particularly interested in get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. We will also be adding to our standard colours in the future.

// Playing and Sound
What does an mk whistle sound like?

The first octave is warm and reedy – a more obtuse sound similar to a wooden flute. Upper registers have a lighter, sweeter more acute tone – more like a traditional penny whistle or classical flute.

I can’t reach the bottom hole on my Low D. What should I do?

Try not to play with your pinky. There is usually a wee trick which helps: if you use the middle part of the first and second fingers on each hand to cover their respective holes then it becomes far easier to reach the bottom hole with the pad on your third finger. In other words you straighten your fingers (more like a piper would play) and slightly rotate both your hands moving your wrists towards the top of the whistle. ¬†Confused? ¬†You’ll find more information here.

How do I look after my mk whistle?

See the owners info page.

Why do mk whistles have brass tuning slides?

Some players blow harder than others and this affects the pitch of the notes. Whistles are also affected by the air temperature around them – even after warming them up by playing. Mk whistles have tuning slides so you can fine tune your instrument to your playing style and keep your instrument in tune, even when you’re playing in a snowstorm.

Brass is used for the tuning slide on mk whistles because it’s hard and inert. In other words it doesn’t corrode giving off particles which then cause it to jam.

// Purchasing
Do I get a guarantee with mk whistles?

Yes. Mk whistles are guaranteed against faults in workmanship for 12 months after purchase. If something goes wrong with your instrument as a result of the workmanship or materials we chose, we will repair or replace the instrument subject to our inspection. Accidental damaged will be fixed (where possible) for reasonable rates.

Is delivery insured?

Yes. If your instrument gets lost in the post we will send you another as soon as it is possible.

If I don’t like my mk whistle can I return it?

Yes. You have 21 days to return it in good condition. We will refund the cost of the instrument. In other words you can try the instrument out for the cost of the postage to and from you.

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