Cleaning kit

We have recently released a new cleaning kit designed specifically for low whistles which is available to buy through Amazon in the UK, EU and US.  If you are visiting this page, it’s very likely you have already purchased one!


Shows a cleaning kit for a tunable or non-tunable low whistle.


Here’s a brief summary of the contents of the kit and its uses:-

Modular cleaning mop – this is a unique extendable cleaning mop developed by us for cleaning tunable and non-tunable low whistles.  The head is replaceable and the handle should last a life-time.

Wistol cleaning and sterilising solution – a spray-on solution for cleaning and sterilising.

Cotton buds – for cleaning the inside of the mouthpiece in conjunction with the cleaning solution

A tube of tuning slide grease to keep the tuning slide lubricated and moving freely.

A simple yet innovative tapered felt pull-through for clearing the airway.  After playing for a little while, the narrower end of the pull-through should be threaded through the airway, and run backwards and forwards along the length of the felt.  A little Wistol cleaning solution may also be used – apply by spraying at a close distance onto the felt.

If you’d like to see a video of us demonstrating how to use the different parts of the cleaning kit, then let us know by leaving a comment below.    We also welcome feedback to [email protected]

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