Limited Edition Blue Pro Ds

We have a small batch of limited edition Blue Ds available here.  This is the second batch of blue Ds we have ever made – so they are pretty rare!!!

5 Responses to “Limited Edition Blue Pro Ds”
  1. Ben

    I’m sorry to have missed this! Do you know if you will you be making another batch of blue whistles in the foreseeable future?

  2. Kirk

    Out of stock. 😞 Bring back the blue!

  3. Marc

    Am I too late to get a blue pro D?

  4. 05.22.2020


    You could try now and you might be lucky?! Misha

  5. 05.22.2020

    Ben, we have been making them ocassionaly. There are a few available just now if you’re quick and you don’t have one yet. Misha

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