Here Comes the Kelpie… New Product Launch!

The news from the Elves down in the engine room at the MK workshops, is that they have a new product in production – due for release around, if not on, March the 1st…

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  1. Neil Ash

    Any clues?

  2. Iain Duncan

    Still no further forward.

  3. Neil Ash

    Nice logo.

    Is it a killer soprano D whistle? Or is it more mysterious?

  4. Daeld

    Still holding my breath (since March 1) to find out about the kelpie…

    Given the aquatic reference, perhaps it is a “water whistle”? See

  5. Chuck Boody

    Err. It’s March 8 … 😉

  6. 03.09.2011

    Almost there! …

  7. Carolan

    Where is the Kelpie?

  8. stinkychris

    Still waiting!!!

  9. 03.17.2011

    St Patrick’s day and the Elves are muttering ‘good things come to those that wait’…

  10. Morgan

    Perfection takes time… Everything Misha creates is perfect.

  11. Rob Appleby

    “Kelpie – Redefining the meaning of soon…”

    To quote some guy in a bar in Egypt: “You have balls. I like balls.”

  12. Emil

    We want the kelpie 🙁

  13. CSchlosser

    Why do you tantalize us? I have looked every week on this site since March 1st. Is there any clue when the Kelpie will be released?

  14. 03.27.2011

    Very sorry for the delay folks – in no way intentional. We have had an unforeseen delay with the anodisers – as is sometimes the case, our insistence to work with the best people in the business can hold things up – it’s precisely because they are so good that they are also so busy. In the same way cutting corners and making a hash of things isn’t on our map, it’s not theirs either. To give those of you that have waited patiently a head start, I now expect the Kelpie to rise from the waters at 12 noon (UK time) on Tuesday…
    Apologies again,

  15. Dorte

    Hey there!!
    Well, being a curious person, I’ve really been awaiting the launch of the Kelpie..
    Finally the waiting time is over, and quite excited I turn to the mk homepage..
    BUT – all I can find now is a picture????

    What’s the thing about it??
    We need to know something about it – apart from the look of it!!!
    Is the information hidden somewhere (perhaps “under water”…)??
    Tell me, tell me, now…

  16. 03.29.2011

    Hi Dorte,

    Lol, hopefully the information’s not hidden underwater. If you go to ‘shop online’ you should see some further info. You are absolutely right however – the information isn’t very clear at the moment – we actually have a revised version of the website going up (complete with Spanish and French translations) in the next few weeks, and so effort has been diverted in this direction understandably. In the mean time I have added a page with just teh basic information in the menu under ‘Whistles’

  17. Daeld

    Looks nice; a cheaper version of what is arguably the world’s finest Low D (non-tunable but highest quality in every other respect).

    What I don’t get is: Why name it Kelpie?

    I also echo Neil Ash’s suggestion for a future MK High D (although the downside from Misha’s point of view would be that as soon as it was announced, he would be flooded with more orders than could be filled in a life-time) 😀

  18. Dorte

    I may not be the right person to answer your question, Daeld – but as I myself too have been wondering why it’s called the Kelpie, I spent some time thinking about it.. And my conclusion would be this: just like the original kelpie – Misha’s Kelpie too, has such beauty and grace to it and seems to be almost seductive, so – you would do almost anything to be with it!!!???

    Well, that’s just my idea of it – maybe I’m all wrong, Misha???

  19. 04.01.2011

    Daeld, yes! a high D would be great. If only there was the time just now!

    Dorte, yes, beautiful, graceful, yet illusive. I think great tone is illusive – like you can’t describe it. The Kelpie, although most often appearing as a water horse, changes form, making it difficult to describe.

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