New Pro A

While it had always been my intention that the Low G would be the next key to follow the Low D and the F, it is in fact the A that has come to fruition first.   The G remains very close, but it still needs that little extra something to give take that final 1% to being absolutely ‘there’.  The A definitely is that- those who have played the prototypes seemed to consider it to be best A they have played.  I’m certainly happy with them and I hope you like them also!  They are currently available to buy on this page.


Notes: The new As feature a slightly different tuning slide to the brass slides as used on the Ds and Fs. They are still low profile, but use a low friction plastic lining instead of brass.    They are also available in a satin plain aluminium finish.

Update on New Keys

I’ve been answering a lot of emails recently about when keys of whistles other than the D and F are going to come to fruition.  I thought I’d provide a general update here.  Though I had envisaged the G would be the next key, and we have taken a substantial number of advance orders for these, it is in fact probably the A which will be ready next.  Those on the waiting list for the Gs (some of which have been waiting for almost a decade!!!),  will be given first offer on the As.  In a best case scenario we would also see both the G and the Eb available before the end of the year.


MK prototype whistles

Polished Finish MK Pros Discontinued

Polished finish MK Pros will be discontinued for the foreseeable future.  This is so that we can concentrate on finishing work on different keys of whistles – G, A & Eb are all in the pipeline (quite literally!).   We do currently have a very small number of polished finish Mk Pro D and Fs until such time as stocks run out.


We’re expecting some prices to rise a little around early 2015.  Although price increases won’t be massive, if you’re looking to buy an MK Whistle you may want to do so before then!

Christmas Postal Deadlines

Here are the Christmas postal deadlines.  I’d advise leaving a little longer than this though if you can!

Wednesday 3 December – Asia, Far East (including Japan), New Zealand
Thursday 4 December – Australia
Friday 5 December – Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Middle East
Monday 8 December – Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Greece
Tuesday 9 December – Canada, Poland
Friday 12 December – USA
Saturday 13 December Western Europe (excluding Greece, Poland)

Wanting to learn to PLAY WHISTLE?


Be a Guinea pig for our new book!  (and get a free book when it’s published!).

 Suzanne Houston and myself are collaborating on a new whistle tutor book.  We’re looking to draw inspiration from recent innovations in music education like  Colourstrings  and the Kodály Method, developed in Finland and Hungary respectively.  We’re also looking to bring together the most eclectic range of tunes ever assembled in a music book- touching on all genres and corners of the world.


We are currently looking for a small pool of guinea pigs to test the chapters out on – to gather feedback.  Bare in mind this is a beginners book so we are primarily looking for people who have recently started, or are looking to start, playing the whistle.   If you’d like to be included please email [email protected] to express an interest.


A busy workbench !

a busy workbench for making Mk Whistles by Misha Somerville

Limited Edition Blue/Purple

We do have a small number of limited edition blue or purple low Ds and Low Fs.  If you would like one please do get in touch with us.  They are priced as follows:

Low D (polished finish) –  £302

Low F (polished finish) – £287

whistle, blue , purple, mk, misha somerville

Photo by Somhairle MacDonald 

Micro tools! (for doing the fine work)


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