Cleaning kit

We have recently released a new cleaning kit designed specifically for low whistles which is available to buy through Amazon in the UK, EU and US.  If you are visiting this page, it’s very likely you have already purchased one!


Shows a cleaning kit for a tunable or non-tunable low whistle.


Here’s a brief summary of the contents of the kit and its uses:-

Modular cleaning mop – this is a unique extendable cleaning mop developed by us for cleaning tunable and non-tunable low whistles.  The head is replaceable and the handle should last a life-time.

Wistol cleaning and sterilising solution – a spray-on solution for cleaning and sterilising.

Cotton buds – for cleaning the inside of the mouthpiece in conjunction with the cleaning solution

A tube of tuning slide grease to keep the tuning slide lubricated and moving freely.

A simple yet innovative tapered felt pull-through for clearing the airway.  After playing for a little while, the narrower end of the pull-through should be threaded through the airway, and run backwards and forwards along the length of the felt.  A little Wistol cleaning solution may also be used – apply by spraying at a close distance onto the felt.

If you’d like to see a video of us demonstrating how to use the different parts of the cleaning kit, then let us know by leaving a comment below.    We also welcome feedback to [email protected]

Kelpie F to be discontinued

As we make way for new whistles and keys in 2021, we will be discontinuing the Kelpie F for the foreseeable future.   If you want one of these, then the last few batches are becoming available as we put the finishing touches to them in the workshop.   Please keep an eye on the online shop or email us [[email protected] – stock info] for an update.

To our EU customers…

As in times gone by, we will not let temporary political situations affect long-practised cultural and social collaboration and exchange.   As ever, we are committed to offering our customers in Europe an excellent service.   With this in mind, we thought we’d take this chance to explain pricing changes for our EU customers.

When the UK was in the EU, we had to charge VAT to all our customers in the EU (including Britain).   The VAT was passed on to the UK government, then distributed to the EU accordingly.   Since leaving the EU, EU customers no longer pay VAT when purchasing from us.  This means that someone in the EU ordering a whistle from us will pay 20% less than someone ordering from the UK at the point of ordering.   Instead of VAT, any taxes/customs charges will be due when your package enters your country.   Some packages may have no charges applied  -usually applicable for packages under €150] -, but if they do, the customs charges are likely to be roughly equivalent to VAT charges paid previously.   We certainly understand that having to make a second payment for a customs charge can be an inconvenience, but we hope you see it in perspective compared to getting a great instrument and the long life it will have with you.

Dispatch Confirmation Emails

A note with regards dispatch confirmation emails: our outgoing emails confirming dispatch are currently not making it through people with Yahoo, Sky or AOL emails.  This is due to an email blacklisting issue which we have resolved, although it may take a while for these email services to recategorise the email address.  If you have placed an order please do bear with us – we are currently dispatching slightly less frequently [once a week on a friday] due to staff rotation as a result of the Pandemic.  Despite the email situation the ordering and mail-out is very reliable/robust.  It’s very unlikely your order has been lost – we have delivered all orders despite the pandemic.

Shipping to USA

A note with respect to deliveries to the USA.  We are finding, given the current situation in the USA with respect to Coronavirus, deliveries are taking longer than usual/other places.  We are finding the shipping service is reliable – packages are getting through – but we are finding typical delivery times currently are 6-8 weeks.  We appreciate customers’ patience given the situation as it is.

Corona Virus Postage updates

Please note: Many thanks to our customers for bearing with us through ongoing delays in some postal networks.  Postal systems are running as usual in many countries, but there are some hold ups, especially in the USA and New Zealand. This is understandable given the continuing world-wide pandemic.

Bronze Mk Pro Low Whistles

We haven’t been able to take studio photos of the newer bronze MK Whistles yet …but here’s one from the workshop in the mean time.

10 Bronze MK Pro Low D Whistles on workbench in workshop

Covid 19 Update

Dear Customers,

This is a message with respect to the spread of Covid-19 and the difficulties it is causing.

Obviously we have a priority with respect to health considerations for our staff and customers.   We have reasonably/safely been able to continue dispatching orders once a week until now (usually on Fridays).   We are going to continue this as far as possible but, due to the situation in the UK, we may not be able to post out on this Friday 24th.   If you do place an order with us we will, of course, dispatch it as soon as possible.  Even if there is a slight delay we will not have forgotten the order!

Useful Key chart

tin whiste Key chart

Free International Postage on orders over £400

Please note: we are currently offering free worldwide postage on orders over £400.


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